Blessed Robert Sutton CVA Roof Works


As part of a capital expenditure programme, developed from condition survey data, several roofs were identified as requiring recovering. Invise were appointed as Designer, Contract Administrator and Principal Designer to oversee and manage these works.

A budget was developed from the condition data which was set for the various roofs that were to be recovered and works needed to be delivered within that budget.

The Challenge

Due to the area of roofs to be recovered, works would need to take place over occupied spaces. In addition, once tenders were returned, it was clear that the budget was not adequate to complete a recover of all the identified roof areas.

The Solution

Works were planned to commence within school holiday period to ensure any disruptive works could take place during that period. This ensured there was limited disruption during term time. Due to the budget issues, it was necessary to amend the scope of works to deliver the project within budget but dealing with the worst roof areas.

A complicated project due to the vast area of roofs to be recovered, occupied premises and budget issues, the project was delivered to a satisfactory conclusion with some additional funds found by the client to ensure the worst roof areas were completed.