Kingsley Road Party Wall Services


An extension was proposed to be constructed within close proximity to the boundary on either side.

The client wished to follow correct procedures so appointed  Invise to act as Party Wall Surveyor and serve notice on the Adjoining Owners.

As the client had little knowledge of the requirements, detailed advice was provided which included recommendations for the information and detail of information that should be provided to Adjoining Owners.

The Challenge

Limited space was available to the rear of the property to extend which resulted in the extension being constructed in close proximity to neighbouring property and boundary walls. In addition, there was a difficult relationship with one of the neighbours.

The Solution

Transparent and open communications from the outset ensured that Adjoining Owners were clear how the proposed work could impact them and what the implications with the Party Wall etc. Act were. Good relationships were maintained between all parties for the duration.

Due to a high level of communication being provided, despite a previous difficult relationship between two parties, the Adjoining Owner’s requested that Director James baker FRICS acted as Agreed Surveyor.